Photo gallery with soundscapes and quotes from the book The Forest Has You


African Rainforest & Pygmy Peoples

Forest huts, from Luis Devin's anthropological research in Central Africa (Baka Pygmies, Cameroon)
Leave and bark huts in a Baka camp in the rainforest (Baka Pygmies, Cameroon).

"Le capanne di foglie non sono capanne, sono animali addormentati, pangolini giganti caduti dagli alberi e arrotolati su loro stessi, tartarughe che riposano sotto la luna. A ben guardare, le foglie del tetto sono scaglie di carapace, squame..."

Luis Devin, The Forest Has You. Story of an Initiation
Italian edition: La foresta ti ha. Storia di un'iniziazione
(Castelvecchi - LIT Edizioni)

Soundscape: rainforest insect calls and Southern
Tree Hyrax (Dendrohyrax arboreus) vocalizations.

Photo gallery about African Pygmies and the rainforest, with soundscapes from pygmy camps and the forest.

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The time in the tropical rainforests of the Western Congo Basin, where the Baka and the other Pygmy peoples live, is 07:52.
Every minute, at least 25 hectares (250.000 m²) of forest are destroyed around the world (source: WWF).