Photo gallery with soundscapes and quotes from the book The Forest Has You


African Rainforest & Pygmy Peoples

Gabon Viper, from Luis Devin's anthropological research in Central Africa
Gabon viper (Bitis gabonica). With its magnificent, camouflaging markings, it is the largest viper in the world and its venomous fangs are longer than any other snake's.

"They are evil spirits, says the old man. Shadows that wander through the forest, tearing at the air with their claws and teeth. Some are men, sorcerers who take on different shapes so they can kill us and feed on our hearts..."

Luis Devin, The Forest Has You. Story of an Initiation
Italian edition: La foresta ti ha. Storia di un'iniziazione
(Castelvecchi - LIT Edizioni)

Soundscape: fragment of a Bafut dance
(Northwestern Cameroon).

Photo gallery about African Pygmies and the rainforest, with soundscapes from pygmy camps and the forest.

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The time in the tropical rainforests of the Western Congo Basin, where the Baka and the other Pygmy peoples live, is 10:07.
Every minute, at least 25 hectares (250.000 m²) of forest are destroyed around the world (source: WWF).